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Feb 13, 2021
Hello, nice to meet you! Here is my fandom "bio": I have been involved with fandom for almost 50 years, beginning with Star Trek fandom, and my fannish interests have expanded over those decades to include over three dozen fandoms (to greater or lesser extent). I am almost exclusively a consumer of fan works (although some of my oldest and dearest friends--all from fandom--are among the ranks of writers/artists). I have over 2000 fanzines in my library, as well as some 147+ gigabytes of fannish material downloaded and/or printed out from the Internet (fan fiction, articles, essays, interviews, photos, videos, etc). Plus many gigabytes (have not checked lately) of filk music MP3s (which I also have in the form of vinyl LPs, audio-cassettes, and CDs). My fannish collection also includes posters, photos, DVDs/Blu-rays/VHS tapes, calendars, bookmarks, magnets, photos, non-filk CDs/cassettes/vinyl, coasters, action figures, dolls, stuffed/costumed critters, checkbook covers, wallets, purses, t-shirts (and other apparel) tote bags, buttons (slogan and photo), pins, toys, notebooks/stationery, throw pillows, fan art (original and prints), mugs and glassware, jewelry, games, books (fiction and nonfiction), etc. All those decades ago, I had no idea that fandom would turn into a life-long hobby. I remember, some 46 years ago, asking my first Star Trek "pen pal" (still a correspondent, by the way!) if she thought Star Trek fandom would still be around in five years, and if we still would be part of it. HA! I wish you luck with this site.


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