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Associate of Science in General Studies from Georgia Military College

Graduated June 2019 with a 3.9 GPA.

My work focused on literature, particularly English literature up to the Elizabethan era and American literature up to the early twentieth century.


I also had coursework in public speaking and speechwriting, computer information systems, American and World history, chemistry, and art appreciation.


Hi! My name is Cat Webling. I'm an author and actress based in Kansas, having recently moved from Georgia.


I've been telling stories since I was a little girl, to anyone who would listen. Now those stories just happen to be a bit bigger.

I'm a lover of all things magic and macabre, strange and surreal, and of course, anything to do with space. Sci-fi and fantasy are my jam, as are video games and TTRPGs!

Beyond writing, I love to read, act, cook, play video games, and cuddle with my one-eyed wonder cat or my son, not necessarily in that order.

A picture of the same woman in graduation robes and a taller man with black hair.

Here are some examples of my work across various sites, in order from most to least recent.

TheGamer.com || Gaming News Writer || September 2020-Present

Gaming news editorials on timely topics, from tabletop and traditional video gaming to industry news and product launches.

Medium.com || Independent Articles || July 2020-Present

Independently published articles about literature, theater, gaming, and fan culture. My work has been featured in popular publications such as:

  • The Startup


  • The Lucky Freelancer

  • Fanfare

  • The Innovation

Upwork.com || Freelance Writer || December 2019-Present

Work with clients on a one-to-one basis to deliver finished pieces to their standards of quality. Manage and maintain workload and schedule between multiple clients to ensure satisfaction for all parties involved.

Rev.com || Transcriptionist, Captioner || May 2019-Present
Training in audio transcription and video captioning. 40+ minutes of audio transcribed, 150+ minutes of video captioning. Early promotion to “Revver +” status as a transcriptionist for exceptional performance.

KittyCatThang || YouTube Channel || September 2017-Present
Video essays on a variety of topics, from personal reflection to literary tropes and education, including:

  • “A Letter to 13-Year-Old Me"

  • “The Suspension of Disbelief”

  • “You’re Teaching Shakespeare All Wrong”

  • “Why Do We Love The Dark Side?”

  • “Fanfiction as a Genre”

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