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About Me

Headshot of the author, a white woman with brown hair and red glasses.

Hi! My name is Cat Webling. I'm an author and actress based in Kansas, having recently moved from my hometown in Georgia.


I've been telling stories since I was a little girl, to anyone who would listen. Now those stories just happen to be a bit bigger.

I'm a lover of all things magic and macabre, strange and surreal, and of course, anything to do with space. Sci-fi and fantasy are my jam, as are video games and TTRPGs!

Beyond writing, I love to read, act, cook, play games (both video games and Dungeons and Dragons), and cuddle with my adorable cats or my son, not necessarily in that order.


Associate of Science in General Studies from Georgia Military College


Graduated in June 2019.

My work focused on literature, particularly English literature up to the Elizabethan era and American literature up to the early twentieth century.


I also had coursework in public speaking and speechwriting, computer information systems, American and World history, chemistry, and art appreciation.

I hope one day to go back to school and get my Bachelors in English with a concentration in Writing. I still hope to minor in Performing Arts, though!

A picture of the same woman in graduation robes and a taller man with black hair.


Job Title
The Gamer
Gaming News Writer
September 2020 - Present
November 2021 - Present
Doshi FCSA
Content Manager
June 2021 - Present
Content Writer
December 2021 - Present
Reflect Studios
Content Writer
July 2020
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