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Gaming industry magazine focused on the humans who make and enjoy games of all kinds.



Indie publishing platform that offers resources revolving around the publishing industry and the craft of writing.

Doshi FCSA

Content Manager

Vegan fashion brand dedicated to improving the fashion industry through sustainable practices and charitable donations. 

Kansas Authors Club, District 6

Social Media Coordinator

Literary organization that aims to offer community and support to publishing professionals in Kansas.


"Overall, our team was happy with Cat's writing contributions, with our editors reporting an occasional edit request or need for clarification. We appreciated Cat's consistency over the months that we worked together."

Word Agents

"Cat did such a great job for us. Very thankful. Fast. Professional. Great writer. Thanks again!"

Rinella Orthotics, Inc

"Cat did a brilliant job. She's a true professional in her field and it was very pleasant to work with her. After completing one article I immediately hired her for another one, as I was very satisfied with the quality of her work and skills. She followed all the conditions carefully and made everything on time. I will be happy to work with her again!"

Artem Hidin

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