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My Work

Here is a selection of previous client work for your consideration. These projects span across my areas of expertise including content writing, editing, formatting, and digital marketing. To book me for work, please refer to my Services page.


The Laterpress Blog

I wrote for the Laterpress blog under the Craft of Writing and the Business of Writing categories from December 2021 to May 2023. Over that time, I wrote comprehensive articles covering building your brand and business as an author and the technical aspects of writing various long and short-form stories. 


The Armadillo Way by Carol L. Jenkner

I have worked with Carol on several of her books now and she's always a joy to work with. This crime thriller follows an amateur detective as he helps his friends on the force to solve the mysterious disappearance of a businessman's wife and the sudden appearance of a Jane Doe who might just have walked out of the grave. For this book, I both edited the text and formatted the interior. 


Steve Jackson Games Amazon Storefront

I began working with Steve Jackson Games in mid-2023 to update, optimize, and maintain their Amazon advertising, storefront, and listings. As of the beginning of 2024, I have successfully implemented positive changes including a consistent brand story across ASINs, updated and optimized A+ content, and regular seasonal storefront rotations. I work closely with vendors to ensure that the storefront is full of available, attractive, and recently released products for customers to enjoy.


The Doshi Blog

I've been working with Paras to build up and maintain the Doshi blog as an extension of his vegan fashion brand. I have, over that time, managed a team of writers, created a functional style guide for the brand, drafted email and social media marketing campaigns, and managed the regular creation and publication of content to the blog with AI assistance. I have also branched out into outreach efforts and Amazon brand support. Since I began working with him in 2021, the Doshi blog has seen a nearly 500% increase in overall traffic and has begun ranking in the top 10 Google search results for a range of targeted keywords.

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