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Oasis Eight






It should never have been empty…

When the crew of the cargo transporter Endeavor 101 docks in Oasis 8, the largest interstellar waystation in the galaxy, there isn’t a soul in sight. Something is very, very wrong; the docks are trashed, the floors are stained with something that looks eerily like blood, and warnings from the crew talk about something big, and something dangerous. 
The longer they stay, the more they find out about a mysterious fossil from the Dead Zone, a killer infection that ruins the lives of scientists and their loves alike, a brave engineer who stood as the station’s last line of defense, and a horrific monster that can’t be stopped and can’t be contained. A deadly creature capable of ripping through rebar and surviving in the vacuum of space.

A monster that hasn’t left the ship yet.

Liz, Jared, and Audrey are about to discover what happened to shut down the station. And they’re not going to do it alone.

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