Six books spread out on a wooden floor.

My Works

My Works

Fruits and Finery

This is a book of beginnings.

Some are familiar. The beginning of a gothic cautionary tale, the beginning that they never tell of a fairytale, the beginning of the end.

Some are unfamiliar. The beginning of an alliance, the beginning of a new mythology, the beginning of a doomed adventure.

They are all beginnings, and they all tell tales of "once upon a time." It may just not be the time we know.

It's time to start.

Stories included:

The Graveyard
Sometimes It's Quiet
What Lies Beyond
An Apple A Day
The Manor
Abri and The Village Girl
The Myth of Fountains
The Chest
The Transformation
The Screams
It Shouldn't Have Been Empty



Sometimes the voices of the past are like ghosts in your future. Always waiting in the shadows to see you again. This collection of poems focuses those ghosts, and invites them to tell their story. Good, bad, neutral, or nonsensical, each will have its turn to ask, "what do you remember? Where do you go from here?"

The images I can still see
They chatter from their pages
In conversation filigrees
Of gold that glittered from your hands
When you held them out to me


The Fading of the Day

A contemplation of the future, the present, the past, and the ghosts that haunt us all in the strangest of times, this collection of poetry is for those of us that dream about the morning in the fading of the day. Featuring reflections that look unflinchingly on the uncomfortable present, these poems are less of an escape from reality, and more of a coming to terms and making peace with it.

Between Spaces 

"Nothing seems to matter
but getting from A to B as quickly as possible,
leaving me to wonder
if anyone else feels that they have stopped in the woods
between worlds
to glance at what eternity might feel like."

The place between spaces is where most of life happens, and it's very rare that we take the time to appreciate those spaces. In the pages of this little book are the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that happen when we're waiting for other things to happen. There are ideas from airports, coffee shops, book store counters, and the last little bedroom at the end of the hall, from someone who still could be anyone.

The Clockwork Figurine and Other Short Stories

A compilation of short stories about life, death, love, hatred, and what lies beyond.

Stories Included:
The Clockwork Figurine
Miles to Go Before I Sleep
The Blinded Muse
The Graveyard Keeper

Artificial Intelligence

The USS Alpine One is in orbit around planet Earth. It is set for a one-year mission to research the plausibility of life outside of our atmosphere. Its crew is small:
Rose and Matt are on the ground, overseeing patterns and reports, interfacing with their higher-ups, and keeping the in-flight crew connected to home.
Roger is a top-of-the-field programmer and software engineer. Celine is the best pilot NASA could find, and adores the stars she finds herself sailing through.

And then there's Roger's pet project. He calls it the Jungian Artificial Central Kinesthetics Monitoring System, lovingly nicknamed Jack. Jack is a learning program, the most complicated artificial intelligence ever created, and the most convincing, which leaves them all wondering...

Where does artificial intelligence end, and consciousness begin?

Articles and Guest Appearances

Article Feed || || From July 2020

I write articles about literature, theater, and gaming on

Content Writer || Reflect Studios || July 2020

I was a content writer for the game “Scrutinized,” in which I developed character profiles for inclusion in the game’s rotating database.

Game Review || The Ghetto Gamer || July 2020

I wrote an article reviewing the summer update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the community reaction to it.

Article || The Ghetto Gamer || June 2020

I wrote an article exploring the resurgence of retro gaming on the Nintendo Switch.

Guest Blog || Between Friends Coffee Shop and Cafe || September 2019

I did a brief review of the first book in the Warm Bodies series in anticipation of my appearance in their Annual IndieBook Fest.