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The Freelancer's 3-Month Business Planner cover

The Freelancer's 3-Month Business Planner

Designed with the freelancer in mind (by a freelancer!), this 3-month business planner includes:

  • Client and contract tracking pages

  • Income and expense budgeting with room for goals

  • Business contact pages with room for more than 20 unique contacts

  • Hourly log pages including date, time, and earnings records

  • Monthly, Weekly, and Daily planner pages including an hourly schedule and to-do list

  • General notes and reminders pages

Goal Planner cover

Goal Planner

A simple, easy-to-use goal planner with 50 individual goal planning pages including SMART breakdowns, room for resource planning, and to-do lists. The planner also includes larger goal-tracking pages and a reference sheet for SMART goals.

Write a Poetry Chapbook in One Year cover

Write a Poetry Chapbook in One Year

Want to create a poetry collection but not sure where to start? Just want a creative way to get your thoughts onto paper? Consider this guided journal with space for 52 weeks of writing, poetic prompts, and a roundup page to help you create a poetry chapbook in just one year.

Cat's Quickstart Freelance Writer Tips

Start with a plan. 

Set up a business plan, then a year-long plan. Break that down into months. Break months into weeks. Break weeks into days. Smaller goals are easier to accomplish and they build up to bigger things.

Track your progress.

Keep an eye on how much your business has grown, and write everything down. Keep your receipts and copies of your invoices. Track your income month-to-month. Not only is this good for tax season, but it's also great for staying motivated.

Track your time.

Know how much time you're spending and where it's going. Budget your time like you budget your income - needs first, then wants, with a buffer for savings. And be sure to schedule in breaks!

Protect yourself first.

Never work with randoms, never work without a contract, never submit work without a guarantee of payment. Approach clients respectfully, but stand your ground. This is your business.

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