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Hello! I'm Cat, a writer and editor from Georgia currently living in Kansas.

I love to write about what it means to be human in every sense of the word, from my lived experiences to things that could and maybe never should be. I've released poetry, scifi/fantasy short stories, and a scifi novel - with more on the way! I've also released a YA Fantasy novel in collaboration with Max Knocks, which I'm incredibly proud of.


I'm the Social Media Coordinator for Kansas Authors Club District 6 and have worked closely with Nymeria Publishing, 5310 Publishing, Meadowlark Press, and Time Honored Productions.

For my day job, I am a freelance writer and editor offering content writing, copywriting, editing, formatting, and digital marketing services. I love working to make sure that my clients have clear, clean, and consistent content for their brands, from games to books to blog posts to press releases and more. If you're interested in working with me, visit my Services page for a quote.

My other projects cover literature, theater, gaming (especially Dungeons and Dragons), and freelancing. You can find those on my blog, The Bookshelf, or on my Medium profile.


Welcome! I hope you'll stay.

Cat Webling, a white woman with brown hair and red oversized glasses.

Jim Potter—author of Deputy Jennings Meets the Amish

Whether you enjoy poetry, prose, or both, Cat Webling’s  anthology, For I am Fearless, is a reading pleasure. Her poetry feels more personal than the prose, but the essays are truly out of this world.

It must be fun for writer Webling to create stories where she tests the boundaries of humanity to see how people react to extreme situations.

My favorite hook for a sci-fi story now belongs to Webling. The first sentence? “She doesn’t know how she died.”


Oasis 8

The crew of Endeavor 101 has landed on the largest interstellar waystation in the galaxy…and it’s completely empty. Well, almost completely…

What happened here, and will they survive to tell the tale?

An open notebook and a black felt-tip pen.

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