Hello! I'm Cat, an author and actress from Georgia currently living in Kansas. I've released poetry, scifi/fantasy short stories, and a scifi novel. I'm a member of the Kansas Authors Club and have worked closely with Nymeria Publishing, 5310 Publishing, and Time Honored Productions.


My day job is freelancing as a writer and editor. I love working to make sure that my clients have clear, clean, and consistent content for their brands, from books to blog posts to press releases and more. I'm an editor for SUPERJUMP Magazine, where I also write articles about games I love and the people who make them.


My other projects cover literature, theater, and fan culture.



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The Symmetry of Falling Leaves

Poetry written from the roiling sea of life. During the storm, the sun, and the stars.

The Symmetry of Falling Leaves is available from most major book retailers.

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The Bookshelf

A bookish blog about life and other such miracles.

The Bookshelf

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