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A Little Update

It's been a long time since I used this blog to simply update my readers on my life, so I thought I would take some time today to do that. If you're okay with it, make a cup of tea, curl up with me on a comfortable couch somewhere with sunshine, and catch up. We can play at being old friends for a little while.

I had the extreme fortune at the beginning of April to have my parents visit me in Kansas for the first time together. They recently bought a camper, a fold-up little Flagship they can pull around with my mother's truck, and they made the long drive from Georgia just to visit with me. It was a wonderful week - I hadn't seen them in a couple of years, so there was plenty to catch up on. Sitting in the little camper with a tin mug of tea reminded me of being a small child, playing in my grandparents' canvas-side trailer. It was lovely to just get to spend time with them, antique shopping with Mom and watching Dad grilling on their tiny side-attached barbeque. I'd missed them so much and, with them safely back in Georgia after another long drive, we're all missing each other again all the more. I wouldn't have traded that visit for the world, though.

Here in Kansas, the weather is finally warming up, so I've started my container garden on the front porch. I'm growing herbs and fruits and flowers, and I'm hoping to add more things as the season progresses. Gardening has always been an interest of mine, even if I've never been terribly good at it. I love watching things grow and bloom, feeling the tiniest bit proud for helping them along, and mostly just in awe that something as small as a seed can become something as large as a tree.

In work news, I'm incredibly proud to say that Oasis 8 is out to beta readers and I've already gotten some excellent feedback that I'll be implementing soon. Once the draft is done, I just need to get the cover drawn and advertise, advertise, advertise. I'm so excited for this novel - it's been four years of work and well worth it.

Well, my tea is finished and I'm sure yours is, too. It's time for us to return to other things, but I'm glad you sat down with me. We'll have to do this again soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Two plant containers full of herbs. From left to right: rosemary, lavender, garden sage, English thyme, and mint. The mint is in its own container.
My little garden of herbs.

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