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Updates Regarding Social Media

Hello friends!

This is not a standard blog post of mine. It's about my social media accounts, and updates thereof. So, if you're not interested in that, I recommend exploring one of the posts linked below this one.

Due to some rather infuriating circumstances from Halloween and into 1st November, I currently have no access to my Facebook or Instagram profiles. It's unclear to me right now whether either of these profiles even still exists, though last I was able to ascertain, my Facebook page was still active in some capacity, so perhaps that bodes well.

Either way, the best way to follow my endeavors at the moment is through either my Twitter profile or my Tumblr page, or right here on my website. The best way overall will always be my email list, so feel free to join if you are particularly keen on seeing all of my work. I am also available on TikTok, where I post short recommendation videos. You can find all of those links at the top of my website, just below my name.

I'll let you know if/when I get my profiles back, or, if I do not, when I have remade them. I appreciate your patience with me - believe me when I say I'm just as frustrated as can be.

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