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New Poetry Collection Is Live!

Hello friends! This is just a quick post to let you know that my new poetry collection, The Symmetry of Falling Leaves, is available for purchase today. To celebrate that, here is a preview of the poetry available in the collection!



Be kind to me October

With your newly fallen leaves

A chill in the otherwise still air

A wind blown through the eves

Be kind to me October

With your nights grown ever long

With things that call in nighttime

And their eerie pretty song

Be kind to me October

For none of these I fear

The only creeping in my heart

Is what was already here

Be kind to me October

For though your spooks are token

I fear that yet again I’ll leave

Feeling newly rebroken


The world can often feel like a roiling sea, whose waves, once brilliant blue, have descended into uproarious darkness. When it does, there may be nothing else to do but hold on tightly and hope that you're able to make it to the other side.

This collection of poems explores the rolling waves, the blazing sunlight, the bitter chill, and coming home again.

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