1k words or less: $30

1k+ - 3k words: $35-50

3k+ words: Individually priced $50+

Fiction revolving around completely original characters and concepts based around a prompt/idea submitted.


1k words or less: $35
1k+ - 3k words: $35-55
3k+ words: Individually priced $55+

Educational or entertainment essays on topics such as literature, English language, mythology (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, etc), psychology, theater, music, misc. Thoroughly researched and cited (at least 3 credible sources).


20 lines or fewer: $15-20
21+ lines: Individually priced $20+

Original poetic pieces following client’s desired format (sonnet, limerick, haiku, ballad, etc.) over topic/theme submitted.

Editing/Proof Reading

2k words or less: $20
2k+ words: Individually priced $20+

Search and edit submitted works for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.

Commission Submission Form

Thanks! You'll hear from me soon.

Terms of commission:
1.    To submit a commission, fill out the above form or email with your name, contact information (an email is preferable), and specific commission request (if applicable, include prompt, theme, subject, format, or characters).
2.    I will respond to commission requests I am willing to accept with a price quote and a timeframe suggestion. I will need a reply with confirmation of acceptance of terms before I begin work.
3.    Clients will be expected to make a deposit of at least half of the commission price before the piece is delivered.
4.    I reserve the right to cancel commissions at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to scheduling, moral, and personal conflicts. You will be refunded your deposit if this happens.
5.    There will be no refunds once a piece is finished and delivered. No exceptions.
6.    Commissioned pieces may only be published with full credit appearing at the beginning and/or end of the work. The client and any other person may not resell, submit for a grade to any educational establishment, submit to any kind of competition, or in any way publish or post any piece without express, visible credit.
7.    I reserve the right to deny any commission request, for any reason, at any time including but not limited to scheduling, moral
, and personal conflicts.
8.    Any and all commissions involving characters resembling or created around any living person or any person who has lived are subject to immediate rejection or cancellation if: the request involves said person involved in any damaging or illegal activity, the request is made in spite of or against the wishes of said person, said person objects to depictions of themselves in fiction, the image, name, or logo of said person is protected by copyright laws.
9.    I will not, under any circumstances, accept commissions that involve: sexually explicit content, offensive content in the form of slurs or biases against any race, gender, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, or disability, any topic relating to cancer or extreme illness of any kind.
10.    In commissioning me (providing me with a clear commission request, accepting the timeframe and price quote given, and/or making a deposit and/or payment), the client is automatically consenting to follow this list of rules. Commissions can and will be rejected or canceled with no refund of deposit or full payment should any rule on this list be violated at any time.