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Black Lives Matter: Resources to Learn More and to Help.

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

There have been protests in the streets across the country and in countries around the world for over a week, and I have been vocal on most of my social media regarding my continued support for them.

Until my black friends can feel as safe in their homes as I feel in mine, until they can face a speeding ticket without the fear of being shot like I can, until they never have to wonder if a jog or a trip to the convenience store will mean their doom, until then, I will continue to speak out against the system I have only known the benefits of. I am no more important than my black friends. I am no more special. Their lives do not matter less than mine does, and I will fight for them until this is a universally known, recognized, and respected fact.

Here are some resources for you to both educate yourself on the current situation and to contribute to the cause.

Resources for understanding racism in America:

The History of Racism in America: 158 Resources to Understand Racism in America by Meilan Solly for Smithsonian Magazine, posted June 4th, 2020

This incredibly detailed and informative article for Smithsonian Magazine explores and explains the history of racism in America ranging all the way from the slave trade in the early 1500s to historical protests and their relationship to today's movements to modern allyship and education techniques.

This List Of Books, Films And Podcasts About Racism Is A Start, Not A Panacea by Isabella Rosario for NPR, posted June 6th, 2020, 8:34 AM ET

Isabella's article details an excellent selection of media to start your education in and discussion of race, including books, movies, and podcasts. As she says in the title, though, there are many more titles out there to choose from.

Why America can’t escape its racist roots by Liz Mineo for the Harvard Gazette, posted June 4th, 2020

This interview with Orlando Patterson, a scholar of race issues and professor of Sociology, who comments on white supremacist ideology and where it started, racism in the police force, discrimination faced by black Americans today, and his hopes for reform and justice that lie with modern youths.

Financial Literacy in the Black Community by Rachel Christian for, posted March 25, 2022

This article details the gap in financial literacy between white Americans and black Americans, and what that means for their chances in various financial issues. It details the gap in wages, interest rates, and educational requirements around the country.

A basic summary of the case of George Floyd's murder:

8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody by Evan Hill, Ainara Tiefenthäler, Christiaan Triebert, Drew Jordan, Haley Willis and Robin Stein in the New York Times, last updated on June 4th, 2020

The Death of George Floyd: What Video and Other Records Show About His Final Minutes by Dalton Bennett, Joyce Lee and Sarah Cahlan on May 30th, 2020

Reports about the protests happening across America in retaliation against systematic racism:

George Floyd Protests Reach Even Small Cities as America Confronts Systemic Racism from the USA TODAY Network at 5:00 a.m. EDT on June 7th, 2020

George Floyd Protests: Hundreds of Thousands Take to America's Streets to Call for Racial Justice by Alex Woodward, Oliver O'Connell, and Samuel Lovett on June 7th, 2020

What you can do to help:

Donate to the Black Lives Matter LA Action Bail Fund here:

Support ActBlue and the protestors here:

Support Black leadership through the Black Visions Collective here:

Support Unicorn Riot's front-line reporting and documentation of the protests and retaliation from the police:

Support Reclaim The Block in their quest to redirect current police funding to struggling communities and the improvement of education:

Get more ideas and information from Teen Vogue's How to Support the Protesters Demanding Justice for George Floyd by De Elizabeth and Jewel Wicker, published June 4th, 2020

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