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Cosmically Important

Have some late-night inspiration a little earlier in the evening than usual:

The universe is billions of years old. No matter how you believe it started, we can all agree that all of the atoms in the universe have been building up and breaking down and building up again and again and again since the dawn of time, constantly shifting and reshaping and running wild in the infinity of space. Stars condense, explode, cool, solidify, grow. Some pieces become planets, and some of those planets sit just far away from other stars that they can sustain some random chemical combination that slips over itself and they form oceans, and then out of those oceans come little bitty collections of chemicals and energy that are wildly different from the inanimate rocks and water around them, and those little living beings get bigger and bigger until they learn to gain energy from that old star and then they learn to gain energy from each other, and suddenly there's animals and plants, and they're getting more and more complex. Eventually, a monkey realizes it exists and humanity starts its era of discovery. Thousands upon thousands of years go by, and from the first humans in the fertile crescent to you and me, there's been billions of stories, all of which weave and collide and spiral together to create the world we live in today and tell its story.

You are one of those stories. There has never been another person like you, and there will never be another one, and if you don't tell your story then no one ever will, and humanity will be missing a part of the puzzle. So scribble your name into the side of a tree or chip away at a rock until it becomes a funny shape. Doodle something in a sketchbook or write a few words on the internet on a site that perhaps no one will ever see. Tell your friends about that idea you had, that random shower thought. Say something stupid in public or do something unremarkable that is remarkably kind. Perform on stage, record your music, take a picture and edit it, sew something cool, do something. Anything.

Tell your story to the world, it doesn't matter how, it doesn't matter how many people will hear it. Tell your story, and weave yourself into history, because the entire universe came together, from stardust to ocean spray to laughter and tears and light and darkness and innumberable other things, to make you. You are a miracle just by existing, and anything you do is important by that standard. You have the power to make millions of years of history continue onward into the indeterminate future simply by doing something uniquely you, and that is amazing.

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